Before the foundation, it is important to keep your skin skin care. Wrinkles will also be improved.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Skin care before foundation

In the morning, if make-up is good, you can spend a day feeling well. To that end, daily skincare is important.
Even if you work hard on make-up, you can not make a beautiful make-up if the foundation is rough. Make-up will not come alive unless it has made skin moistened with skin care.
If you care about your skin with everyday skin care, your skin will also feel better.
If the skin is clean, just finish the foundation thinly, and clean the skin is completed.
If you try to cover spots and wrinkles and paint the foundation thickly, the transparency of the skin will be overwhelmed.
The intention of covering the skin of the aging generation may rather be aged or it may give an old impression, so be careful.

If you are concerned about wrinkles on the skin, moisturize firmly with skin care, the feeling of wrinkle wrinkles decreases much and it becomes beautiful.
Let's improve it with skin care rather than painting it.
In addition, wrinkles will become conspicuous if you feel uncomfortable with face powder which is hard to follow after foundation.
Although it is written in the beauty book that plenty of powder is added after the foundation, it is good to hit the extra powder, but I think that it is better to reduce the powder for generations where wrinkles are concerned.
When I was in my twenties, I thought that more skinful powder would make your skin look beautiful.

However, we try to keep as little as possible as much as possible.

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