Skin care that I did not mind at all when I was young. With age we began to focus on basic cosmetics and foundation.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Foundation of beautiful skin making skin care and commitment

Beautiful skin is an eternal theme for women.
I began to feel skin's decay since the latter half of my twenties, and I began to focus on skin care.
When I was young, I did not like skincare at all, I admired the dark skin I had sunburn as much as I wanted, I regret that I painted the foundation and overworked my skin without painting makeup base.
A lot of things such as fine wrinkles on the skin, spots and freckles, dirt on the pores and the like have come to be worrisome in their 30s.
I started to do various efforts for beautiful skin.

First of all, I tried to focus on skin care.
I searched for reviews that seems to be really good from the information heard from friends and collected on the Internet, I bought a lotion, beauty care cream, milky lotion, cream.
Although I do not use it everyday, I have also purchased eye-intensive cream / stain removal cream.
First of all I thought it was from basic cosmetics.
In addition, I also stuck to cosmetics.
Especially, I purchased a catch phrase that the foundation attached to the skin directly over a wide area is made of skin-friendly ingredients and it will not bear a burden even if it keeps on for 24 hours.
Of course I am careful about my diet.
By the time I was young, I was eating just junk foods and I was not worried about skin and health at all, but now I am making vegetable-based meals.
I liked carbonated drinks, but switched to Herb tea and tea center.
I occasionally try to drink fruit juice and beauty drinks with vitamin supplement.

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