Every time I got older I got more skin trouble. I changed skin care and foundation into one with good ingredients.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

I changed skin care and foundation for my skin

When I was young, my skin was white and there was no skin trouble at all.
So I thought that state would last forever.

But since I became my thirties, my skin began to get sick.
Some stains, freckles, wrinkles and so on came out.
It was very shocking.
Even though I thought that the skin was so beautiful and strong, all the skin troubles came out as if you were aging at once. At that moment I finally began to have proper skin care.
Although it may be quite late, I feel that it will be absolutely clearer 10 years later than I did not do anything 10 years later.

I used a cheapest brand of cheap skincare and foundation until then.

However, since the trouble of the skin is bad, I thought that it is useless for cheap ones, I tried to change it to something that is somewhat expensive for the skin.
I chose skincare and foundation that does not contain bad ingredients on my skin.
Especially for skin care, cleansing face is important.
So, I changed cleansing cream to a very good one.
This was recommended when I went to the experience experience, but I found out that it was expensive but very good, so I decided to use it.
Then I felt like my skin got a little rich.
And cleansing foam is not on the market as well, so when you use things of a proper brand, moisture of the skin is kept.
In order to keep skin clean from now on I think I will use a good skin care and foundation that can be as high as a little.

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