There were times when it was said that painting the foundation is not very good for the skin. Fans are now in the era of skin care.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Relationship between skin care and foundation

Now, I think that it is an era in which ingredient indications are firmly shown with low irritation and those gentle to the skin are loved.
Is not it the same for foundation? I think skincare is very important for women, and I think that women are extremely bothersome.
I think I am doing various attempts to preserve the actual skin.
I want to choose something that is friendly to my skin, and I feel that it is essential to look beautiful, but I think that such a thing is actually terrible, so it's a wonderful world.
Although skin lotion is attracting attention as skin lotion, the idea that foundation is part of skin care is getting penetrated.
And it becomes more important to use different seasons.

I think that it is important to use something that can properly prevent ultraviolet rays on the foundation, or to use the ones that are difficult to make up on make-up collapse in the summer to make the foundation last longer.
Be sure to have beautiful skin from morning to go home from regular morning carry around with the moisturizing ingredient with the moisturizing ingredients 8 regularly.
I am thinking that this is also part of skin care.
In the summer, it is more likely that your skin tends to dry due to air conditioning and so it is important to use a gentle foundation on your skin and also to protect your skin by devising your own way. I'm glad that myself has been decorated properly as a woman and I think that it will give a good impression to the surroundings.
How about trying ""make-up is bad for your skin"" and thinking that it is UV prevention for those who do not make up?

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