It is to choose the foundation that I feel that it is hard to choose the first one to clean skin care neatly.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

How to choose an important foundation with skin care

I think that it is difficult to choose No. 1 among skin care is to choose a foundation.
Foundation is in a state that I am lost as I purchase something different each time.
There are cheap ones and luxury foundations, so we are still looking for which one suits you.
Besides, the condition of the skin also changes according to age.
So it may not fit anything that matches right now in 10 years. So I would like to choose carefully.

If I was using a cheap one in a foundation, it has not been adapted and it has become uneven.
So I came to think that it is necessary to some extent to finish it neatly.
And I think that it is important to choose what fits your skin color.
I think that it is also good for people with dry skin to choose a liquid foundation.

Powder may be better for people who do it. It is also important to do so by selecting the foundation in the state of the skin.

In addition, spots and others can be made with age.
So it is also important to finish as if you can hide the spots with the foundation and think that it is young beautifully.
I think that it is important to maintain beauty with such a finish that will also close the pores cleanly.
I think that it would be nice to choose a foundation that can make up for beautiful makeup that will not let you feel your age.
Then it may be seen younger than the actual age.

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