There are also foundation types, but it is also a great success as skin care. Let's choose what suits ourselves.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Skin Care in Foundation

I tried various foundations last year.
There are various kinds of foundation, and representative examples are cream, liquid, powder. I tried the cream and powder of the manufacturer which is totally different from the one I always use.
Until now I avoided cream but I was surprised to adapt to the skin surprisingly.
Because it was of good quality, my face became slippery when I wash my face after use.
It became a substitute for skin care, and every time I used it I felt a lot of fun. I think fun of selecting cosmetics is a woman's privilege.
Although it costs a little bit of pain. Men do not need foundation and I think that envy because there are quite a lot of people with skin tsuruku with male hormones.

I tried the other powder. It is regrettable that creams are comfortable to use but they soon disappear.
The powder was finer and more comfortable to wear.
I am still using it, but I realize that foundation is also a kind of skin care.
Your skin will soften, do not you? As a recommendation point, I think that it is better to think about skin if you buy as much as possible.
It is not necessary to be a million, but it is about 5,000 yen. Be careful as it may cause rough skin if it is too cheap.
I think that there are many makers, and I think that it will be troublesome to choose skincare, but I think that it is best to attach things that matched to myself considering age.

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