Correct skin care is to make plenty of moisture. Foundation looks beautiful without drying.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Skin Care Basics and Foundation

The basis of care is drying measures.
Let's give the cosmetic water quickly after cleansing. I'm worried about milky lotion and cream. Aside from those with a lot of oil, use something that contains ceramide components.
Skin care is successful when plenty of moisture permeates the skin.
It is important to prepare the metabolic rhythm of the skin.
Let's moisturize firmly on the stubborn part. If you are using only the lotion, there will be a clear difference in moisture content, fineness of texture, wrinkles.
If you do not care about daily care, not only will the surface moisturize, but also good cells will be born.
Let's make rhythm of metabolism by care.
If your skin gets cleaner, the foundation also gets clean.

When choosing the foundation color, let's choose the one that fits your skin.
There are many people who think that their skin is white.
Some people think that they want to hide their spots and some thicken them.
It is good to put on your face once. And please go out and see if it does not float. And it is also important whether dullness does not come out or not.
I will attach it to the back of the hand.
It is important to keep on feeling good for a long time.
If you are concerned about the greasiness of the skin, if you are concerned about the type, if drying is anxious, choose a moist type.
Please do not put liquids or cream type directly on your face, be sure to take it in your hand. Powder foundation, ultraviolet cutting effect is high.

But be aware that thick coating is easy.
I am giving plenty of moisturizing ingredients with skin care, so it's okay

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