Foundation becomes wrinkle, it becomes the source of rough skin unless it matches the skin. How to choose is one of skin care.

Foundation becomes familiar with skin care
Foundation becomes familiar with skin care

Foundation selection is out of skin care

Foundation is essential to make skin look beautiful.
When you apply fine particles, fine texture of the skin can be seen fine, and the skin gloss can be seen well by oil and glossy ingredients.

However, if you use something that does not fit your skin, it will cause wrinkles.
My acquaintance has used the goods that Mr. model is using regularly, and has gone through rough skin and wrinkles.
The thing for photographing, at that time the skin looks taut and it looks taut but it is a bit hard to move the facial muscles by facial expressions.
If you live your daily life in that state, the skin becomes dyspnea and wrinkles can be made.
If you put out high money and make wrinkles, you can not hit the eyes. If you use something with different uses, it will be like this.
Both the actress and the model quickly make off after shooting.

Let's think that all choices on your skin will be included in your skin care.
Since we are not dolls, facial expressions and muscles move while living.
You must use make-up items that contain moisturizing ingredients and can accommodate muscle movements. Especially if it is a liquid type.
Liquid is something to dry if you leave it alone.
In addition to dryness, I take it to the moisture of the skin.
To that extent, pre-moisturizing is important.
Whether it is a liquid type or a powder type, it is better to have fine particles because not only does the skin appear beautiful, but it also does not scar the skin.
Since oil participates, it is also important to run out before you get old.

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